Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Name That Tune!

Today is Day #6 for the Migraine Awareness Month Blogging Challenge, and the prompt is "Name that Tune! Choose a theme song for Migraine disease or your headache disorder."

Music is one of my favorite ways to handle the emotional and spiritual struggles associated with my battle with migraines.  I have two playlists on my iPod devoted to just that.  One list consists of quiet, peaceful songs that I can listen to when my head is pounding, and I need a relaxing distraction.  The second list consists of some of my favorite up-beat and encouraging songs.  

All of the songs on my playlist focus on trusting God when things are difficult and finding joy and peace in trials.  These songs help me to remember that there is indeed hope and call to mind Isaiah 26:
"You keep in perfect peace those
whose mind is stayed on you."
Keeping my mind focused on the Lord and His peace is far from easy when I am being besieged by a fierce migraine.  It is times like that when I turn to music to help refocus the direction of my thoughts.  The last few days have been unbelievably difficult, and I have played the words of these three songs over and over again in my mind to help keep me going.  These songs are "It is Well," "Hold Me Jesus" and "Blessings."  If I had pick only one song as the one I turn to the most because it sustains me and is the anthem for my life, it would "It is Well."

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