Friday, June 1, 2012

Migraine Awareness Month

I am currently sitting at my computer trying to find any way to distract myself for even a few minutes from the excruciating migraine I am currently experiencing.  This is a prime example of why I never use a "10" on the 1-10 pain scale.  The migraine beast frequently seems to be hiding around the corner sticking out its tongue and saying "na, na, na, na, you thought it couldn't get any worse!"  To him, I can only reply "you're right - I don't know how bad things can get.  HOWEVER, you cannot and will not steal my hope!"

  1. As I have frequently said in the past, I find hope and chose hope through faith, family and friends. So my dear friends who read this blog, hold on to your hats.  This is Migraine Awareness Month and, as a part of that, I will be participating in a daily blogging challenge.  I will be answering specific questions about my migraines which have been laid out as a part of the challenge.  Should you be a migraineur and/or blogger who would like to participate, you can do so by going to this link.  

You can also participate through your donations to support migraine research.  These can be sent here.  We also desperately need and want people to sign the petition for a congressional hearing on headache disorders.  This is a confidential, quick and easy petition for any US citizen.  Please help us get the signatures we need by going here.

I'll see you later today when I start my first blog challenge.  Until then, I will continue roaming the house looking for a source of relief or distraction from the BEAST!

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